Privacy Company is committed to safeguarding your personal information. Below are our guidelines for collecting your data from our Florida limousine service. This will enable you to understand and show the seriousness of our commitment to protecting your privacy.

It is vital to be aware that you are legally bound by the terms and conditions of use when you use our site by this privacy policy. Suppose you utilize our website to make reservations on behalf of a business or organization of any specific entity type. In that case, it is essential to comprehend the terms and conditions of our website, and they also require that the person adheres to our privacy policies.

Personal data?

The site is secure and protects any information that might allow an individual or entity to contact you or obtain details. This includes your address and name as well as your phone number. The protected personal information includes insurance and credit card details, additional contact information, and other information.

Anyone can visit our website to view the details of our Florida limousine services. We do not require personal information; visitors can access photos and other information on our website at no cost and do not have to give any data back. Personal information is collected when a visitor requests information or materials or when reserving a Florida limousine service on our website.

Your IP address and the search patterns of your browser are just a few of the other information we collect when you visit our website. Our website gathers them to monitor the number of individual visitors who come to our website, from where they're and what they're searching for. These are used to analyze the data on our website and document the activities performed on that specific IP number's site.

Access to your personal information?

We collect information from website users who visit our Company website. We gather their IP address and the information they provide us when they create profiles or make reservations. If any information is entered into our website, we may contract with another company for maintenance, ongoing operation, and enhancement of our brand new Company website.

Information we give to outsiders is legally and strictly linked. External organizations don't have legal rights to the data or permission to use the data. While there are instances when individual information may be collected from a reservation service, We ensure that all rights and authorizations are granted to us to collect and use this information. To obtain a Florida limousine service, you can exercise the option of asking a different reservation agent. We advise you to review their privacy policies to protect the personal information you provide. You are responsible for verifying the policies of other organizations, as we are not in charge of their privacy protection or security.

Are they releasing information to outside entities?

The information we provide to third-party businesses is not the property of third-party companies. Instead, they are legally entitled to use the data to manage and analyze. The information we collect on our site can be used to monitor the number of visitors who visit our website and their patterns on the site and make administrative decisions.

Different businesses and merchants may have access to personal information that we use to administer our website and limousine service. We can provide a variety of information to you should you request that separate entities be used for the chauffeur service.

We could use your data to book reservations or for analytical purposes. We can also use your personal information to carry out promotions and updates. We may use email announcements, postal mail, phone calls, or even faxes for promotions. We might not be able to advertise your products or services; however, we won't use the data we gather on the internet for any purpose other than what was intended.

It is vital to remember that data we've collected could be part of any merger or sale of Company businesses. Also, be aware of the instances in which vast quantities of data may be revealed to third parties and used in promotions, administrations, and others. The mass data disclosure does not aim at identifying an individual or organization; however, the intention is to examine all information in one.

Data collection, usage, and distribution control

Your data is entirely yours to handle. If you'd like to inquire about the details of which data yours has been gathered and how it's being utilized or dispersed shortly, feel free to reach out to us. Also, we need to be aware of whether you do not prefer to receive marketing material like email or letters. We understand the importance of privacy and will oblige to any request for personal information. Contact us today to discuss any concerns or suggestions regarding the distribution of your details.

Personal information can be changed or removed.

You have many options to update your personal information stored on our website and by our administrators. You've got a profile that allows you to alter data about your contact information, reservation information, and passenger information. Additionally, you can further modify your username or password for your account on our site to ensure your private information is secure and secure.

Another way to update your private information on our website is to communicate with us directly. We will first confirm your identity if any information is altered or altered. When any information is changed and transformed, we'll be able to ask you some security questions when you reach us by phone. We will not be able to change any information if you contact us via the internet or any third party. Before sending personal data to them using their contact method, ensure you know their privacy policies.

Contact us if you wish to erase or delete any personal information stored on this website. We will ensure that all data you'd like to erase has been erased. Also, organizations or businesses outside the organization cannot access the information. Note that archives and storage databases from the past may contain the information; however, we'll try our best to erase all records of the data you've requested to erase.

This website is situated within the United States of America and is subject to the country's laws. If you are from a different country, you permit your personal information to be transferred to the USA via our site.

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