Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  • The payment is made by the person responsible. Bestfloridalimo.com Company collects the charges and deposits. They are non-refundable if the service is canceled.
  • Acceptable payment methods include cash, checks, and major credit cards.
  • The Customer authorizes all deposits and balances that remain unpaid by signing or verbally accepting services.
  • At the time of pick up, payment must be made
  • bestfloridalimo.com Company reserves the right to substitute one vehicle with another if it's the same or larger size vehicle, regardless of the color. All cars are contingent on availability at the moment of the booking. Prices are subject to change without notice.
  • Smoking is prohibited inside bestfloridalimo.com Company vehicles. Smokers found in the car will be required to put out the smoke and be subject to 100 dollars for each incident. It is not permitted to possess, sell, or consumption of any illegal or illegal drug is allowed. If you violate this rule, it will immediately terminate the contract and services and the forfeiture of any money that was paid for deposits and fees for service.
  • Cleaning up costs for accidents or vomit by customers is the Customer's responsibility. $350.00 fee for any damage to the vehicle caused by the passengers
  • Your contract states that drivers aren't allowed to carry more passengers than the contracted number.
  • The gratuity for the driver has not been required. However, it will be appreciated
  • that bestfloridalimo.com Company is not responsible for delays caused by traffic conditions, accidents, or any other unforeseeable act of God; any resulting from lost time is refunded when the time comes to an end the scheduled charter. The Customer will remain accountable for the total amount due to any service or vehicle time reduction.
  • If your charter runs beyond the scheduled time, the remainder of your time is charged in 1-hour increments. The charge will be incurred in proportion to the usual costs for that day and will be noted in the contract.
  • Passengers under 21 years old are not allowed to drink alcohol. Without a legal guardian, there is no way for alcohol to be permitted in any vehicle or on tables with passengers less than 21 years old. The journey will be canceled with the forfeiture of any deposit and service fees if alcohol is detected on the part of a minor. Under no circumstance are children allowed to consume alcohol. Alternative drinks are available on request for an additional cost.
  • Payment is made by the person responsible. All charges and deposits are received from bestfloridalimo.com Company and cannot be returned in the case of cancellation.
  • If at any time the service ceases due to unruly conduct, damages to the vehicle, or any other abuse that bestfloridalimo.com Company deems valid, the refund of money will be done. bestfloridalimo.com Company reserves all rights to refuse service if it finds it needed.
  • When the vehicle operates, it is not permitted to climb out of the sunroof. If the passengers are minors, the sunroof is shut and locked. Dividers will remain open, and a phone number for the parent of any passenger has to be provided to the driver before the journey.
  • Discipline on the part of bestfloridalimo.com Company and our employees is guaranteed.


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